Expert guidance in how jobs are secured.

The third part of the career transition programme is the Job Search. Many believe that sending a few e-mails to the biggest agencies or largest ad’s online is all that's needed.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Only those who prepare and sell themselves to their full potential will be shortlisted. Only those with the most professional approach will be offered the job!

We will provide advice and guidance in your job search activity and with consultant led help, ensure you address all seven job-hunting strategies through which jobs are secured in a measured and professional manner.

I will ensure you address all seven, yes seven, sources through which jobs are secured in a measured and professional manner.

I provide rated recruiter and executive search consultant headhunter listings appropriate to you. I ensure your C.V. is optimised and LinkedIn profile is appropriate. I assist in your preparation before your interview and de-briefs afterwards, along with steering advice at the time of job offers.


 "Most importantly I was guided through all the different ways to job search without wasting time. Ways that I had never thought about until it was explained to me just how the system works"....... A Private Client, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.


This concentrated operation covering all seven job sources will present you to as many employers as is possible and for you to achieve your goal.

I would welcome your inquiry and in the strictest confidence, and without obligation, will meet with you, and advise exactly how I can help.


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• Corporate Outplacement • Career Change • C.V. Preparation • Interview Technique Training • Job Search Strategies • Psychometric, Testing, Career Planning • Online Support • Coaching

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