Interview questions and answers - Your presentation.

Build your confidence knowing that your delivery is clear, precise, professional and knowledgeable.

Employers in their search for excellence are becoming more and more selective in their recruitment, resulting in a very clear need for assistance to those facing the rigours of a job search and a job interview. Consultants will perfect your Interview and Presentation on C.C.T.V. with advice and technique on Questions, Answers the Do's and Don’ts and the famous interview question; 'Tell me about yourself'?

Whether you are the M.D. or a junior at entry level, through my technique and presentation coaching I will help you to enhance and perfect your interview and presentation. With the use of CCTV learn to anticipate the problems you may encounter, the tough questions you may be asked and practice well focussed and informative responses with confidence.


"Colm is a true professional and the service provided was interview preparation. He helped me to focus my thinking, clearly identifying a structured method of self presentation, and guided me through my concerns, ending with a polished demonstration of my background and skills. My interviews benefited greatly from Colm's guidance and training..... A Private Client.


By these specialised methods, I will ensure you attend your interviews confident, positive and fully prepared.

I would welcome your inquiry and in the strictest confidence, and without obligation, will meet with you, and advise exactly how I can help.


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Corporate Outplacement, Career Change, C.V. Preparation, Interview Technique Training, Job Search Strategies, Psychometric, Testing, Career Planning, Online Support, Coaching.


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• Corporate Outplacement • Career Change • C.V. Preparation • Interview Technique Training • Job Search Strategies • Psychometric, Testing, Career Planning • Online Support • Coaching

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