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With the above in mind, we assure all clients and inquirers that our C.V. and career change programmes can be completed in full and without delay, by phone, email, text and or Skype. Please feel free to contact us anytime: Tel: +353-86-3017207. +353-1-2819056. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A CV writing service that is Professional, Effective, Impactful and Successful for you.


C.V. Writing Service

Our full CV writing service provides for a professionally prepared Curriculum Vitae or C.V., Resume, Cover Letters responses to Advertisements or Recruiters, Job Applications, and suggested LinkedIn sample pages.

We will provide consultant support and advice in writing your CV, for those from entry to Senior Executive levels. You will have your C.V. reviewed, edited, improved or completely re-written promptly whether you are nearby or in a remote location. Overnight if urgently required.

Think of your C.V. as your brochure and like any brochure; it must ‘sell’ at a glance. Good CV design is essential.

A busy hiring manager will give your C.V. or Resume, a quick 20-second look. Therefore it must be short and easy to read, be well laid out, professional in its presentation, be impactful containing interesting and relevant information. It should tell enough but not too much. In other words, get you called for interview.

  • When CV writing we always ensure the finished product reflects you and is in your style. We do not use a pr-prepared bank  of sample templates. Every C.V. is personalised and unique to you in layout and content.
  • Your C.V. is completed with no time limits or time constraints. You can revise and return for further edits as often as you require until you are fully satisfied.
  • When writing C.V.’s we provide advice and tips relevant to you along with Profiles, Skills, Education Skills, Career History   with suggestions that will fully demonstrate your competence and abilities in a professional and business-like fashion.


Questions often asked:


What do I do to get started? It’s very simple and very quick; just tell us to go ahead and forward on your old C.V. If you don’t have one, don’t worry we can get around that with an easy to complete form giving us the initial information needed to create the first draft.


What happens now?  We will forward a page for you to complete that will take 20/30 minutes. It is a very helpful exercise in gathering information on tasks completed in the past and worth documenting. It’s effortless but very effective. We will also send an invoice. At the same time, we will prepare Two C.V. drafts for you to review.

If you are in the greater Dublin area, we would suggest a brief meeting somewhere convenient to go over your information, our drafts and bring together all the relevant information. It helps to personalise the document. If a meeting is not possible, then a telephone conversation will work equally well.

  • We will complete your chosen draft, add the agreed information, and present a C.V. that should be very nearly complete. Usually, one or two edits and its done.
  • In recent times the advent of online job advertisements, online applications and software selection programmes means your CV must also be optimised to meet these challenges. We will do this adding key tags and codes.


How long will it take? Once you give us the OK and clear the invoice, the whole process should be completed in a few days. If it’s needed more quickly, we can speed up the process.


I need my C.V. in a hurry?  No problem. It can be completed overnight but would incur an extra charge.

I am at M.D. – CEO level. We work on executive CV's, resumes, cover letters, leadership profiles, career biographies, branding statements, web portfolios and other marketing or presentation documents.

We will edit and re-edit until you are entirely satisfied with the finished document, all of which will be completed quite promptly.


 ....."My C.V. which I thought was great turned out to be awful when I was shown how to construct it properly and likewise my interview skills were greatly improved". A Private Client.

We have assisted people at all levels to identify, refine and document the key information with various creative and innovative layouts that are impactful and easy to read.

We will bring you through the whole process of building a professional and inviting CV. We will help you formulate your text, suggest topics and format reflecting your background and future career aspirations.

Contact. Clients are welcome to provide a phone number (+country code), and we will call you. You are welcome to call us if preferred – we are a friendly lot. Tel: +353-86-3017207. Two minutes on the phone will clear up any queries.


I have two CV packages available. See more at CV packages...


I would welcome your inquiry and in the strictest confidence, and without obligation, will meet with you, and advise exactly how I can help.


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