Career Transition Services, helping your staff members to re-take control of their careers.

Providing re-deployment/career change assistance through Outplacement to those who may be made redundant as a result of change. We offer a wide range of programmes from fully private one to one counselling to shorter group courses as may be appropriate.

All programmes are tailored to meet the needs of the sponsoring company and may include; 

  • Psychometric assessment, results presentation, discussion and career targeting.
  • By appointment, private one to one consultations commence.
  • A carefully prepared C.V. clear concise and to the point
  • CV, LinkedIn profile and documentation / emails prepared
  • Password access to C.V. samples page on PCC website
  • Job search letters/e-mails of introduction and applications prepared.
  • Documentation optimised for search, tags and QR codes applied
  • Practice on C.C.T.V. in interview and presentation.
  • Advice on marketing and introductions to recruiters
  • Advice and listings selected on Executive Search Consultants (Headhunters).
  • Advice and listings selected on key Recruiters in selected areas
  • Employment issues and strategy
  • Marketing activity
  • Advice on Networking - Job Searching
  • Executive Search (Headhunters) consultants selection
  • Advice and listings on key Recruiters in selected areas
  • Marketing or Job Search planning.
  • A managed job search pursuing all seven sources of jobs.
  • Monitoring and maintaining activity.
  • Simulate interviews in advance.
  • Agreed continuous support from commencement.
  • On-going support at client’s request continues to redeployment.

For almost 24 years, I have provided professionally delivered, supportive and most importantly, successful redeployment assistance to individuals across all sectors of Irish Industry. One such company was the largest Outplacement Assignment ever in this country where I managed a successful programme of support to over 1,250 persons.

With the manpower and resources I can provide a service regardless of location, number or level of service.

Contrary to popular belief, Outplacement Service is not just a C.V. preparation exercise, but a total programme providing invaluable advantages which are geared to assist in achieving a new and fulfilling career for outgoing employees.

I provide re-deployment/career change assistance through Outplacement to those who may be made redundant as a result of change. We provide a wide range of programmes from fully private one to one counselling to shorter group courses as may be appropriate.

Those leaving a company face a major milestone in their career and decisions made by them will have a very real impact on the rest of their lives. They have an urgent need for professional assistance in their redeployment efforts while coming to terms with what is probably the most traumatic period in their lives.

I believe, therefore it is essential that any information presented is done so in a sincere and sympathetic manner, with assistance offered in a dignified and non-patronising fashion.

I will assist in these necessary presentations ensuring the confidence of those concerned along with firm assurances regarding the privacy and confidentiality of the service, as this is one of the most contentious issues to be addressed.

I ensure that such change happens as painlessly as possible for your employees. We will meet all the people affected, introduce each person to a professional counsellor and immediately begin preparation for their new career.

We quickly identify the special needs of each individual and will allow more time to their particular areas of importance. Through our networks and associates we can access various employment markets both in Ireland and abroad.

Through the assistance we provide, it is more likely that your people will achieve their career objectives with enhanced prospects, faster and more effectively.

"I have had the opportunity to work with Colm on a number of occasions over the past 15 years. The fact that Colm has been the "first port of call" when looking for outplacement support is a testimony to his considered and professional approach to meeting the needs of both the Company and the people he is working with.
At all times he is tuned into the unique requirements that each individual has and he uses his considerable skills and experience to ensure these requirements are met". HR Manager, Manufacturing Company, North Dublin.

How we help your people achieve their goals.

Through our Career Change facilities your people are assisted in every aspect of coming to terms with the challenging situation that confronts them.

The service provides:

  • A comprehensive service in future career development.
  • An opportunity to plan in a structured way.
  • Impartial discussion and advice to people of the same level, outside the power structure of the company.
  • Full on-line web access service and client support pages with password access.
  • A carefully documented C.V., clear, concise and to the point.
  • Documentation and C.V.’s etc, available on hard and/or soft copy.
  • Thorough training in interview technique.
  • Every aspect of the job search pursued with advice on access to the various job sources.
  • Advice on employment terms, contracts and negotiation.
  • Continuous support and backup throughout all programmes.
  • Assistance in own business set up and monitoring if appropriate.
  • In addition:

- Full career transition services - one to one - at senior and executive levels.
- Group programmes as appropriate.
- Resource centre facilities.
- Tailored consulting & coaching programmes for all situations whether for reasons of timing or location.

All participants have password access to on our on line support. The information provided is practical, regularly updated, relevant, more individually focused and generally far superior in quality and content than the standard web support generally available.

We never, ever accept fees for successful placements.

Most importantly, we can guarantee the highest standards of service, the professionalism and the confidentiality that you would only expect from a trusted partner.

I would welcome your inquiry and in the strictest confidence, and without obligation, will meet with you, and advise exactly how I can help.


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