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Employers in their search for excellence are becoming more and more discerning in their selection of new employees. The high level of applicants for all positions advertised makes it a 'buyers market'. Many wrongly assume that finding a new job is simply a matter of just answering the right advertisement. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. The job market is pyramid shaped, and at the top very few positions are advertised, and for those that are, there are several hundred applicants.

Only those who prepare and sell themselves to their full potential will be short listed. Only those with the most professional approach will be offered the job.



At the conclusion of all programmes, our clients corporate and private are asked to complete a questionnaire covering eight elements of the work completed. The results returned un-named, show very satisfactory 96% satisfaction rating, exactly the same as the previous year. Importantly it revealed a very high level of business referral brought about by prompt redeployment. The best business of all.


Our results show clearly that those who availed of our services successfully managed their redeployment mostly with an increased salary, enhanced rewards, promptly and with greatly improved work/life balance. Marketing oneself is not easy, so it is our business to ensure that the search is planned and carried out in a careful and structured manner. That is why we say:

your career its our job bottom

Last year was one of our busiest years in quite some time. The number of clients coming through the books was one and a half times more than the previous year.

This may at first seem a contradiction in view of the apparent improvement in the general economy with continuous announcements of new companies setting up in Ireland. These set-up's bring jobs which are always welcome at every level. It is as a result of the increase in jobs on offer that has brought with it a huge number of applicants. In other words the competition for every single job on offer is fierce.

From talking to our clients and an ongoing analysis of our clients apprehensions and needs, we learn that there are several reasons for this increased competition.

  • Every year there are more and more graduates becoming available at entry level in all areas.
  • As the job market has been stagnant for several years a lot of the workforce kept their heads down and considered themselves lucky to have a job at all. A considerable number of these people are now viewing the marketplace for opportunities that they would have pursued under normal circumstances.
  • Over the last number of year's, salary levels have been cut and pared back. Despite new jobs on stream, salaries are still not rising as in the past. The only way that many can get an increase now is to change jobs.
  • Bigger numbers seeking employment means that employers seeking excellence and therefore are pushing the bar ever higher and higher in their search for only the very best staff at all levels. As a consequence, many job seekers realise this and take professional advice in their preparation.
  • There is a high level of unemployed actively looking for work

Our results as shown in the graphs are very satisfactory as more than anything they reflect a very high level of client satisfaction as can be seen in the adjoining graph. This is also evident by the very high level of referral business. The best business of all.
Jobdoctor Results    



CEO's, MD's and Heads of Function were the largest area of private business last year. A noticeable addition this year is the Self Employed. This was mostly people returning to the workforce prompted by the pressures of managing an own business in a sector that remain 'volatile'

results 2015 3



Always the area of most interest is the placement times between all individuals. This timing is measured from the commencement of job search to job offer and does not include Corporate Outplacement clients as it is not possible to monitor their redeployment accurately.

The target time to redeployment has always been set at twelve weeks and we are pleased to record that over half our clients achieve that. It might be noted that in the next section, about 45% of the clients involved were redeployed in the first half of the 13 to 24 weeks section. The age profile of clients remains very much the same as previous years.

results 2015 4


Tracking the routs through which clients sourced and secured a new position is difficult as it's not information that's readily available. The source of jobs changes quite considerably from those at lower or entry level as compared to senior appointments. As always networking proves to be most successful rout at senior levels and the recruitment sector for others. For easy comparison, we show only the top and bottom levels.

Upper Salary Levels: €100k pa+

results 2015 5

Lower or entry level income: to €35k pa

results 2015 6


Last year saw a new addition to our results: The male/female divide moving decidedly towards a greater number of females availing of career change services privately. It shows a considerable difference between male/female/private or corporate client. It might be added that the female population in the private client section were noticeably more senior than their Outplacement counterparts.

results 2015 7

As always, if you or a friend or colleague has any concerns regarding Careers or Career progression issues, you are welcome to call for a discussion at any time and without obligation. Mobile: 086-3017207. Tel: 01-2819056.signature 3




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