Write a CV that is Professional, Effective and most importantly, Successful.

Never was a word so badly chosen to describe such a document! It should be called ........

Your Brochure!

For that's exactly what it is and like any brochure your CV should be well laid out, easy to read, professional in it’s presentation and should tell enough but not too much.
As with any good brochure it must sell the product at a glance. In this case;

The Product is You!

When you write your C.V. or Resume as it's often called, it must be professional in it’s presentation and impactful. It must also be truthful and invite the “buyer” or employer to want more information, in other words, get you called for interview. That is its only purpose. That done, at interview you must be able to account for what you have written.

In addition it should contain all the relevant information about your present and previous employment with skills and achievements well written and laid out. Therefore it must accurately record your past career history, but also ‘flavoured’ with where you’re going.

In recent times the advent of on-line job advertisements, on-line applications and software selection programmes means your CV must also be optimised to meet these challenges.


....."My C.V. which I thought was great turned out to be awful when I was shown how to construct it properly and likewise my interview skills were greatly improved". A Private Client.


I do not work with fixed templates with fixed layouts for you to complete. I will bring you through the whole process of building a professional and inviting CV. I will help you formulate your text, I provide on-line samples of real CV ’s for you to browse and see ideas and different ways of making your CV stand out. I will edit and re-edit until you are entirely satisfied with the finished document, all of which can be done quite promptly.

I have assisted people at all levels to identify, refine and document the key information with various creative and innovative layouts that are impactful and easy to read. I work on executive CV's, resumes, cover letters, leadership profiles, career biographies, branding statements, web portfolios and other marketing or presentation documents.

I have two CV packages available. See more at CV packages...


I would welcome your inquiry and in the strictest confidence, and without obligation, will meet with you, and advise exactly how I can help.


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